The Antecedents

Jan 20, 2018
Show: 9:00pm

The Antecedents are a project formed by two people who found their bond through music. The sole purpose of the project is to make music they enjoy, and that any listener young or old could relate to. Formed in the winter of 2015, Billy Steele had taken a break from music pursuing a career in other endeavors. He and his fiance’ Erika Esperanza were expecting their first child, and were working hard to prepare for their new adventure in life. Billy knew in his heart that his time making music was only briefly dormant. He started writing songs again, and knew that his relationship with Erika was meant to bring his love for such back. Now with over two albums worth of material, The Antecedents are ready to share their work with everyone. Songs of hope. The Past is the Present is the Future. Learn, Create, Embrace.

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